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Dry hire systems

System 1:
EV ZLX12 "iPod Wedding playlist" package 

Comprises a pair of 400 watt active speakers, tripod stands, power cables, 2X10M power extension reels and a 10M audio lead to connect both together plus a 3M jack lead to connect an iPod or audio device to it. Ideal for music playback at a wedding, party or street festival. Add a mic and a lead for basic announcements or a presentation.
Base price £110
A "Dry" Hire is the hiring of equipment without an operator. It's a brilliant way for the technically minded to get to use great sounding gear for a fraction of the cost and to get hands on experience at engineering your band or a mates on a budget! All systems come as an expandable package, just choose your add-ons to build your own rig! 

System 2:
DB Tech Arena 15 "Deep bass & high power"package 

Bigger and bolder than the EV's above. These speakers have bigger speakers with a longer throw in a nice plywood cabinet so the baselines in your music really punch out of these speakers. Driven hard by the pictured IHOS power amplifier capable of 1,800 watts (but reduced to 700 in this setup!) Can use this systems as the basis for a banging rave or a small band gig by adding a multi channel mixer and a handful of mic's.
Including tripod stands and 2X 10M speaker cables
Base price £150
Add mixing desk & some mic's or DI's for a basic pub gig rig. See extras section below or in depth on the next page.

System 3:
Big Rig 3,600 watt "Sub & top" package 

This rig is the biggest system available for dry hire. Compromising the EV ZLX12's from the iPod wedding packing and combining them with the massive strapping floor shaking DB Technologies Sub 18 speakers. All active with a high pass output from the bass bins allowing the EV's to really reach their full potential. This rig can fill a large hall, a marquee or even open air space with lovely lows and sweet highs. 
Conservatively rated at 1,400 watts per sub and 400 watts per top, the peak output of the subs is double that and the EV's with the high pass filter applied can reach up to 1000 watts. This is a great sounding system, simple to set up, fully protected by internal limiters and easily fill your dance floor and more. Comes with a pair of 10m power extension reels, IEC and powercon mains cables and audio leads to connect the subs to the tops.
Base price £200


Now you have chosen what speakers you need for your event you now need to decide what else you need to make them work for your event! System 1 comes with a cable to connect an iPod, tablet, phone or laptop to your speakers but you might want to connect a wireless mic to it for some speeches or even have a couple of musicians use it for a reception or an intimate gig. Below is a list of available add ons with prices: All instrument mic's & DI's include a 6M cable, Handheld mic's come with a 9M cable.
• Soundcraft EPM 6 mixing desk. 6 mic/line inputs & 2 stereo line inputs: Main L-R plus 2 aux outputs, 3 EQ with sweepable mid frequency £25
• Behringer X-Air XR16 8 mic & 8 line input digital mixer. Main L-R plus 4 monitor or IEM sends. (Needs tablet, not provided) £35
• Mackie SRM350iii Foldback monitor or conference speaker. £20 (Four available)
• EV ND967 handheld vocal mic £6
• EV ND767 handheld vocal / speeches mic £6
• EV ND46 Low frequency (Bass drum & Floor tom) mic £6
• EV ND44 Mid frequency (Rack tom, snare, percussion, guitar, horns) mic £6
• EV ND468 Mid frequency (Rack tom, snare, percussion, guitar, horns) mic £6
• Sennheiser E906 guitar cabinet mic £6
• Sennheiser MD421 (Guitar cab, drums, podcasting, vocals) mic £11
• Sennheiser E902 scooped eq bass drum mic £6
• Beyerdynamic M201 (snare, horns) mic £6
• Beyerdynamic M88 (vocals, horns, £11
• Audio Technica ATM450 small condenser (Overhead/acoustic guitar) mic £6
• Audio Technica ATW-T341b & 3100b wireless handheld mic & receiver. £30
Direct box's.
• Palmer Pro active DI box (Acoustic or bass guitar interface) £6
• ART dual / stereo passive DI box (Keyboard or laptop / line level interface £7 (Two cables)
• Chauvet Core 3X1 stage wash lights with IEC & DMX cable £15 (Two available)
•Orbit 70W LED moving head stage lights with IEC and 3 DMX cables £20 (Four available)
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