The big un!

£250 /day fully manned and hassle free. Perfect for big bands and big marquees.

full band systems with everything catered for including digital mixing desk, microphones, floor monitors, in ear monitor equipment, background music and speeches.

Front of house system pictured:

Behringer X32 digital mixer with full iPad control and personal monitor mixing via app.

QSC RMX2450 amplifier driving HK Premium Pro12 mid/top speakers.

DB Technologies Sub18 active subwoofers.

Behringer HA8000ii headphone amplifier.

Also included: microphones from

Sennheiser; 421, e902, e906.

Electrovoice; ND967, ND468.

Beyerdynamic; M201, M88.

Audio Technica; ATM450, ATW3141 wireless. Four ART passive & 2 Palmer active DI's 

Up to four Mackie SRM350 floor monitors.

Power distribution and 2x4 LED par can lights.

iPod wedding package

£100/day 1000 Watt full range system on stands with ipod cable & wireless mic for speeches

Perfect for playing your iPod spotify mixes at parties and for making speeches & announcements. The speakers are ElectroVoice's superb ELX12A's with built in two channel mixer and is supplied with the Audio Technica ATW3141 wireless mic, spare batteries, a cable for your iPod and two tripods. Can also be configured for one mic and one guitar for solo acoustic sets. 

Price is collection only, delivery and setup dependent on distance.