Live sound engineer, DJ, stage manager, roadie, driver, problem solver, repair man, backline tech & drummer!

- God forbid if something goes wrong

... you need a man like me around!

Hi there! I'm Dan the sound guy. 

I've been involved in music since I was eight when I got my first drum kit. I've been in bands since I was fourteen and did my first proper gigs at fifteen with a band called Ghia. Joined the pacy pop rock outfit AKP in 2000 and then the darker, moody GLASS in 2009. I started a function band, the Cover Lovers in 2013 which I no longer play in but do live sound for them at weddings and parties. They're excellent if you get a chance to see them, do!


In 2006 I started the White Rooms rehearsal studio in York, five soundproofed practice spaces which has evolved to include York's finest recording facility; Reel recording studio and the Ghostnote drum academy.

I've always had a hand in live sound and stage managed a few festivals etc. I started doing sound at gigs professionally in 2013 and do about 40 events per year currently.